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  • Many Crossfitters follow a nutrition plan called Paleo or Zone or a combination of the two. However, Saturdays are our cheat day at Black Flag, a day when we are able to eat whatever we desire. In honor of Coach Dave, we served pizza (his favorite cheat meal) and this plentiful dessert bar filled with sweet treats, including cupcakes, sugar cookies, and peanut butter balls.

  • Part of the CrossFit workout includes Olympic lifting techniques such as the Squat and Power Clean. These adorable licorice bar bells and weight stacks were made out of Red Vine Candy and black licorice wheels. These were really easy to make and just required a little imagination.

  • WB stands for wall balls, a well-known, medicine ball-based exercise in CrossFit. These peanut butter balls are always a huge hit at parties so I tied them into my theme by naming them "Peanut Butter WB." Although these are not Paleo-approved, they are super tasty and perfect for a cheat day. This black, modern serving bowl from Party City coordinates perfectly with my industrial-looking theme. Party City offers a number of great modern choices for plastic serveware and dinnerware.

  • To increase mobility in your shoulders, back and spine, coaches Dave and Elizabeth have given us a list of exercises to do with a mobility ball (lacrosse ball). This flexibility helps avoid injury when doing lifting techniques that involve a wide range of motion. For party favors, send every guest home with one so they can stretch and mobilize when not in the gym.

  • Every evening there is a new workout posted for the next day. It always involves a warm-up, usually a strength or skill to work on, and, of course, the Workout of the Day (WOD). To further tie into the theme, name all of the desserts on the table popular CrossFit exercises and then put them together to form a WOD for the party that involves eating instead of working out. I don't think anyone attempted this WOD, however, guests definitely enjoyed the novelty.

  • Double Unders (DUs) are a common CrossFit exercise using a jump rope that you might see in a WOD on any given day of the week. To make the miniature jump ropes, take black licorice rope and attach red licorice handles cut from the Red Vine licorice. These actually look just like the jump ropes we use at Black Flag. These were super easy to make and provided that extra special detail on the dessert table. Use a black velvet bracelet stand from Hobby Lobby to display the ropes so that guests can pick one out and enjoy it.

  • This custom-designed sign was created by Black Flag member, Keith Smith, owner/designer of Esoteric Painting Designs. I used it as my backdrop for the dessert table, but coaches Dave and Elizabeth will be able to hang this in their new gym when they move later this year. To make it easy to hang and keep an industrial look, we attached heavy gauge chain to the 1/4-in plywood sign with shackles at the top corners.

  • These custom labels were made in Illustrator and then printed onto a glossy paper at FedEx-Kinkos. They came five per sheet and I used a paper cutter from Office Max to separate the labels. Use clear packing tape over the paper label so you can submerge the bottles in ice without the label peeling off. This is an excellent and inexpensive way to create custom water bottle labels at a fraction of the cost of having actual labels printed.

  • These kettlebell-shaped food tags were designed to coordinate with the CrossFit theme. There were no stencils available, so we drew one, cut it out and used that to trace the others, ensuring they would match. The white marker looked like chalk, which is commonly used by members during their workouts. Use short place card holders from Dean Supply that look like weightlifters to hold each tag.

  • These custom sugar cookies were made by Carrie, owner/operator of A Little Carried Away, and 2011 Best of Cleveland winner. Hand-crafted and baked to order, these cookies were soft and delicious. Carrie was able to use a popular kettlebell image and screen print it onto the cookie in multiple colors.

  • "Like a Boss," a phrased coined by Coach Dave, was the theme of our party. If you do something "Like a Boss," you are doing it with authority at Black Flag Crossfit. In honor of coaches Dave and Elizabeth, I had the napkins at the party embossed with this phrase.

  • Instead of using cake plates, I wanted something that captured the no-nonsense, no-frills attitude of CrossFit to display my cupcakes. Purchase wood crates from Michaels and cover them with Rogue (a fitness and gym outfitter) Compression Rocktape in an X pattern. They are the perfect item to flank your dessert table.

  • These adorable themed cupcakes were made by Sweets by Maggie, in Amherst, OH. Topped with mini fondant kettlebells, these chocolate and vanilla cupcakes were the star of the party. Cupcakes are a great way to tie together a theme as they can be made in all different styles, flavors and colors.

  • Party gift bags filled with prizes, such as wrist wraps, pumice stones, compression socks and water bottles, were placed on the coffee table and throughout the rest of the home. Our gracious host and hostess, Tony and Trudy, picked winners throughout the night, keeping their guests guessing what they would be giving away next. Place some themed stickers around so that people are able to take with them to remember the fun evening.

Black Flag Cross Fit Party

Are you getting tired of your normal gym routine? If so, enter the world of CrossFit, a strength and conditioning program focused on “constantly varied, high-intensity, functional movement.” It is an intense workout and perfect for people looking to push themselves to their limits. Black Flag CrossFit is led by coaches Dave and Elizabeth, who are both truly inspirational leaders. To celebrate the one-year anniversary of their gym, we decided to throw a bash where all the members could get together to share in their incredible success. Congratulations Dave and Elizabeth! – See more at:

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