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  • No firefighter party is complete without a custom fire truck cake. This cake was made by a loving grandmother for her first grandson.

  • These individual cups, which were filled with hummus and not-too-hot "flaming" orange and yellow bell peppers, were a big hit. This appetizer provided another great way to visually tie the theme into the food selection.

  • One of our appetizer dishes was individual cups of homemade salsa served with tortilla chips. Try to use ingredients that fit with the fire/firefighter theme. Put items out on a table placed on a black serving tray, which will make them stand out and make carrying them out of the house a breeze.

  • Reserve one table as a place for the guests to place their gifts. Cover the table and jazz it up with some dangling, firefighter-themed cutouts. This metal-backed, magnetic chalkboard decorated with magnets and chalk artwork can be used as a centerpiece for the table as well as a gift for the birthday boy. To add some extra spark, flank the table with red, yellow and black balloons. Throw in a stuffed dalmatian for a final "firehouse" touch.

  • Kids will get really excited about these adorable cups. Give each guest their own fire hydrant sippy cup with their name written on it. Fill each cup with "firewater" (aka fruit punch) and let each kid take one home as a party favor.

  • These placemats were found during a search for firefighter-themed items, and as a bonus the package included a cover sheet comprised of mini pictures that were cut up and used as name tags for the food table. Give the food names to go along with the theme.

  • These galvanized silver pails, which resemble old-school fire pails, were purchased through an online hardware store. Add some extra detail by adding some cool, foam fire truck stickers. To make the fire pails extra special for the kids, fill them with Pirate's Booty popcorn, a real treat and kid favorite. These make great party favors as well as the perfect centerpiece for a kid's birthday party.

  • For the adults at the party, serve up their refreshments in these simple firefighter koozies. These simple red koozies were purchased at Pat Catans and then adorned with the same foam stickers used on several other items.

  • For the enjoyment of the adults, serve a refreshing red sangria. Sangria is a great party beverage because you can make it the night before and keep it in the refrigerator. Before your party, just add the sparkling water and you're ready to go. To keep with the theme stick some of the foam firefighter stickers on clear plastic cups with these striped straws.

  • These adorable plastic firefighter hats were also found online. Put one at each seat and use the extras for additional decoration. Downloaded the sound of a fire truck siren and play it over a sound system to really ramp up the birthday guests' excitement.

  • Add this really cool firefighter flag to create a great visual accent to the backyard. Nail the flag to a couple of posts and tap the posts into the ground to create a "firehouse's" backdrop. It can also double for a great backdrop for pictures. When the party is over, hang it on the wall of the birthday boy's bedroom to help him remember his special day.

  • These little foam firehouses are adorable and come unassembled, which makes for a great craft project for older kids. For younger kids, assemble before the party and pass them out as party favors. For extra strength, add a little super glue to hold them together.

  • If the party includes children under the age of 10, be sure and include some Pirate's Booty, a favorite among kids. Instead of flowers fill buckets with these yummy cheddar puffs. Even the adults will love this as they will be able to snack a little before dinner.

  • Use this stuffed dalmatian as decor but also as a present for the birthday boy. Dalmatians are always associated with firefighters, and kids love stuffed animals. The Roberts Fire Catalog is a great resource for anything related to firefighters and great party items.

  • Place these signs throughout the party as they are a great size, inexpensive ($3/sign) and easy to hang. Hang one on the front door with some balloons and others over the dessert and food tables. These signs also matched the placemats that were used in the firehouse setting.

  • A great game for a Firefighter birthday party is "Pin the Badge on the Dalmatian." The game comes with a blindfold, which is worn by each kid as they are spun around and around before trying to pin the badge onto the dog. Award the winners with a little prize bag with firefighter coloring books and crayons.

  • A chalkboard is the perfect gift for the birthday boy and also can double as party decor. To decorate it, write "Happy Birthday" on it and affix all different kinds of Firefighter-themed magnets around the edges.

Kids Firefighter Party

Everyone little boy at some point in their lives dreams of growing up and becoming a firefighter. Turn a little tyke’s dream true by hosting a Fireman theme birthday party by converting your backyard into a fire station. There are so many great things you can do with this theme, from food to decor, that will entertain the children and adults alike.

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