Parties and Inspiration

  • Have your wine professional start out the evening with a toast serving a sparkling white or champagne so that everyone can wind down and loosen up.

  • Set up stations where your professional can serve their selections for the evening. For this event, there were three reds and three whites served. Make sure to have decanters available for the reds and spit buckets for people who truly just want to taste or do not like the selection.

  • Serve decadent desserts with your white selections for the perfect ending to a great evening. This dark chocolate cake came from Restaurant Depot, however, you can have something just like this delivered to your door.

  • Use this modern white dish to serve your favorite imported olives, almonds, and a nice snack mix for guests to enjoy while tasting all of the different wines.

  • For the last selection of the evening, Palermo, an Orin Swift wine, a true Cabernet Sauvignon, was served to guests as they worked their way up the wine spectrum. Place them stylishly on these paper squares imprinted with some grapes and Napa Valley.

  • Serve up some of these delicious mini key lime cream pies on this stainless steel hot/cold serving tray from Frontgate.

  • Display your decadent desserts in a separate, dedicated area, such as a buffet bar. If possible, try to have everything pre-sliced so guests can easily choose a sweet item to put on their plate.

  • These rustic candle holders from Pat Catans come in green, yellow and orange and combine beautifully with the wild flowers and wooden boxes. Adding some natural candlelight throughout your food display is a great way to create an ambience for your guests.

  • Make sure to have a hearty selection of snacks for your guests, including meats and cheeses, olives, grilled artichokes, grapes, nuts and more.

  • Use your wine box tops and special occasion bottles of wine to decorate some of the areas in the party room. Instead of purchasing some decor items, use what you have in your wine collection to make it feel like you are at a winery in Napa.

Napa Valley Wine Tasting

The next best thing to visiting the beautiful Napa Valley region of California is to bring the best of what that area has to offer to your home. Host a Napa Valley wine tasting party and treat your guests to a variety of wine, delicious meats and cheeses. Set the stage with some wine boxes, champagne buckets, and decanters to bring in the feel of a wine cellar tasting in the heart of Napa Valley. Hire a professional from your local wine store to come in a give a presentation and background on all of the wines you are tasting along with information on how guests can purchase some of their favorite selections.

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