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  • These unique and fun greeting cards from Crafted by Lindy, an Etsy vendor, are the perfect way to extend invites to your fiends for this Naughty and Nice party. They come blank, however, you can print the details on a label and stick it in the card. Easy as that.

  • Set your table starting with these Christmas green chargers from Web Restaurant Store and top them with basic white dinner plates. Then fold these custom-designed naughty and nice napkins and gently place on top to give it a relaxed fold. These cloth napkins from Bloom and Barnacle, an Etsy vendor, can be custom designed in a variety of colors.

  • These adorable vintage style holiday tags from Indelible Impressions, an Etsy vendor, will be the perfect accompaniment to any favor. This catchy tag line will have your guests redefining what is naughty or nice. Or can they be naughty and nice?

  • Take some mini prosecco or champagne bottles and top them with these Santa hats from Target. These hats came on headbands and were removed by carefully cutting around rim of hat. You can find these Santa hat headbands in the dollar section of Target. Place one at each setting and have some cranberry or pomegranate juice handy for a festive dinner cocktail.

  • This creamy sweet potato soup from Martha Stewart will be a great starter for a cold evening. Serve in these modern 5-ounce white ramekins from Sur la Table. The curried apples are a must-have on top as they add a unique taste to the soup. Try also adding a 1/4 teaspoon of cumin for a smoky flavor; it pairs nicely with the curried apples.

  • Use this festive centerpiece from Michaels as your anchor for the dining area. Conjuring up childhood memories of jolly old Saint Nick, this centerpiece will add to the nostalgic feel of the décor. Fill with red sparkly Christmas balls or dangle off some large shrimp and fill the center with a spicy cocktail sauce.

  • Set these bright red and green cocktail napkins from Windy City Novelties out on your food and dessert tables. To give the party a cohesive look, the red and green dots were also used in the circle and paper ring garland. The font on these also are very similar to the font on the cloth dinner napkins, which also helps tie together the theme.

  • Goat cheese in anything is always music to our ears. Try this herb-crusted goat cheese covered in crushed Herbs de Provence and serve with a Fig and Olive cracker from Raincoast Crisps. You could also serve this with a side of sundried tomatoes or dried cranberries for extra flavor punch.

  • These Mini Shrimp Rolls from Bon Appétit will be the highlight of your dinner party. The buttery soft roll combined with the spicy shrimp salad (love the taste of the horseradish) is an amazing flavor duo. These were served not toasted on a soft fresh potato roll cut 1/2 inch wide down the middle with the inside removed. This will make a nice opening for the shrimp salad to sit in.

  • Set the table using Christmas green and red, coordinating in the Naughty and Nice theme by using customized napkins, favors and wine glasses. In the center, fill this festive Santa pants bowl from Michaels with mini sparkly Christmas balls.

  • For a fun adult-like spin on the popular phrase, "He Sees You When You're Sleeping," change it to He Sees You When You're Drinking to get a good laugh out of your guests. This will be a great ice-breaker and conversation starter and will start the evening off with lots of giggles. Write this on your wine glasses with a Craft Smart paint pen in red or green from Michaels. These paint pens are phenomenal as they only come off with rubbing alcohol and will not smear off by hand heat.

  • Try making these No-Bake Chocolate Rum Balls from the Joy of Baking. These are super easy to make and can be made ahead and stored in the refrigerator in an airtight container until ready to serve. Make them pop-in-your-mouth size and allow your guests to enjoy a little bit of heaven.

  • Deck your halls with this rustic style burlap Naughty and Nice banner from Simply Burlap, an Etsy vendor. Each pennant in strung with festive red and green twine to coordinate perfectly with your holiday décor. These high-quality, beautiful banners can also be customized to fit your party needs.

  • Set each place setting with a green charger, basic white plate, a naughty or nice napkin, and a favor treat bag filled with goodies like chocolate-covered pretzels. You could also set up a separate favor table, however, it sometimes is better when having a smaller gathering to place one at each setting.

  • Whether you make these completely from scratch or take a shortcut and use premade brownies from you local bakery or grocery store, these cute little Santa Hat Brownies are sure to bring back childhood memories of themed snacks and desserts during the holidays that Mom or a favorite Aunt used to make. These super cute treats come courtesy of Daisy's World.

  • Hang these large bright red and green balls from Windy City Novelties at the top of your ceiling or wall and dangle some circle garland down below for a festive backdrop to your dining area. Once you fluff all of the balls, grab a small bunch from the back of the ball and twist. Then using some sort of an adhesive tape to adhere it to the wall or window.

  • This paper ring garland will definitely take your guests back to their elementary school days when classrooms used to decorate for Christmas. This easy DIY project will be fun to create and will look amazing when hung. Use some assorted patterned paper with coordinating colors and use a small piece of clear packing tape to connect the rings. Hang them in a draping fashion from your curtain rods or windows.

  • Bells, the holiday elf, has red and green foil spirals hanging down behind him for added dimension on the shelf. These can be hung using stay putty or command hooks without damaging your shelves or walls. Place a variety of elves around for your Naughty and Nice décor and to remind your guests that Santa is watching.

  • Dress your party room in Christmas red and green, fun patterns and child-like décor. When your adult guests walk in, they will be reminded of the great memories they still cherish from Christmas as a child. Of course, this room could also be used for a children's holiday party.

  • Serve up some traditional holiday eggnog in both the naughty (spiked) and nice (non-alcoholic) versions, offering guests a non-alcoholic option but with all the creamy deliciousness of this yummy drink. Mark each carafe with these exceptional eggnog signs from Whimsical Stationary, an Etsy vendor. These signs are offered via instant download and can be printed on cardstock from OfficeMax. Easy as that!

  • Hang these beautiful burlap banners from a window, shelf or as a backdrop for a dessert bar. These banners can be custom made for you from Simply Burlap, an Etsy vendor. For this party, the "naughty" was printed on red and the "nice" on green for some contrast. They were hung from the handles on the pull down cabinets for a beautiful display.

  • To create this beautiful backdrop take a 2-inch circle punch and cut out 30 circles for each strand (6 of each pattern if you have 5 patterns to a pack). Then take a thin 1/8-1/4-in sized ribbon and place some glue on one side of one paper circle, and then take the ribbon and paste onto that circle. Take the circle with no glue and press onto gluey circle. The ribbon will be between the two circles at this point. Press together for at least 30 seconds. Repeat process 15 times for each strand. Let strand dry for an hour before hanging.

  • Hang some red and green ornaments of all shapes and sizes from windows or shelves. This is so easy to do and creates a lot of added detail to the party room. Simply use some small, clear 3M Command hooks and place them on the inside of the shelf as shown in picture so that they are hidden from view. Then hang the ornaments so they are at different heights.

  • These adorable Santa report cards are usually given by elves to let a child know if he or she is being naughty or nice up until Christmas Day. Santa let me borrow some of these fabulous cards and use them for place cards at my guest table. The elves were able to give notice to the guests at the party, telling them how they have been observed by the big boss. These cards were designed by Sprout and Bean, an Etsy vendor. They are an instant download and can be printed from home or at Officemax. These are best if they are printed on hard cardstock.

Naughty And Nice

As children, all of us were on our best behavior over the holidays for fear of being put on Santa’s infamous “naughty list” and being left short-changed on Christmas morning as a result. Roll back the years and bring back these childhood memories for your friends by hosting a Naughty and Nice party this holiday season. Use Christmas colors red and green and embellish with Elves and childhood decorations like paper garland. Serve up some eggnog and appetizers and reminisce about your favorite childhood Christmas memories. Your guests will love this throw-back theme, whether they choose to be naughty or nice.

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