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  • If you are having the party outside on a nice hot summer day, hang these coordinating tissue balls from under an umbrella at different lengths or over a concessions stand, if you have set up the table inside. All of these festive paper balls came from Party City and are a great affordable option to add some extra detail to your party decor.

  • This custom-made banner came from a printable package on Etsy. These packages are a great way to carry out the theme throughout the entire party from invites to food tags. All you have to do is purchase the customizable PDF, and then take it to your local FedEx or OfficeMax and have whichever items you would like printed on the cardstock of your choice.

  • Piñatas are typically made of paper mache and filled with sweets and tiny toys for kids. Your little party guests will rejoice at the bounty of treats and toys that spill out of it after they each take a swing until it breaks open. Although originated in China, they have become a fun and popular activity for kids at birthday parties here in the U.S. You can find all types of piñatas to coordinate with your theme at Party City.

  • These adorable invites and VIP passes came from a printable package from Simone Made It, an Etsy vendor. Place each VIP pass in a plastic name tag holder and attach a blue or red lanyard to it and send to each guest with their invitation to the baseball game. The kids will have so much fun handing in their ticket at the gate and wearing their VIP pass throughout the party.

  • These custom favor bags filled with a box of Cracker Jack and packs of sunflower seeds went home with every guest. Each bag was tied with a custom tag, thanking everyone for joining the birthday boy on his special day. From Be Envied: You could also include some Big League Baseball Chew (bubble gum) in these adorable bags.

  • These vanilla baseball cupcakes were homemade and topped with vanilla icing. Licorice pull 'n' peel candy was cut into tiny pieces and used to create the baseball-like design on top. Make sure to use plain white liners and stick with a flavor that has a light batter so that the cupcakes look white around the bottom to simulate the look of a real baseball.

  • These cotton candy cones are super easy to make and a great way to display and serve the sugary baseball favorite, especially for the little ones. Grab some scrapbook paper in the patterns and colors that coordinate with your theme. Blues and reds with simple retro patterns are a perfect choice for this cotton candy stand. Use a Styrofoam base from Michaels that is able to stand vertically. Then take some lollipop sticks and press them into the base. Roll the assorted paper into cone shapes and tape them together. Stick the cotton candy in each cone with some showing at the top for presentation.

  • These bags will take all of the adult guests back to when they were a child attending baseball games with their parents. Although the kids will probably never actually see these at baseball games today, it is the perfect retro accessory for this old time "take me out to the ballgame" theme. Not to mention they did a great job keeping all of the burgers warm while guests socialized with each other.

  • If you can't hire the peanut guy from your local stadium (joking), make sure to have peanuts available on some tables so guests can feel like they are sitting watching the first inning while munching on the salty snacks. Fill some of these galvanized buckets from Michaels and leave and empty one for guests to put their shells in, which will save you from having to pick them up later.

  • Dress your birthday boy in this baseball raglan big number shirt from Charlie and Sarah, an Etsy vendor. This nostalgic style shirt will help the birthday boy tie into the retro theme. If he plays on a local tee-ball team, let him sport his baseball hat around for the day to make him feel official when he steps up to hit the baseball piñata.

  • Nothing says a baseball game like a Ball Park Frank. Serve them up hot in these retro hot dog boats. Arrange them on a tray with handles so they can be carried right from the grill to the buffet table. These custom food tags came from the printable pack on Etsy and were customized to describe all of the baseball food items served at the party.

  • Did you ever wonder how Cracker Jack became such a big part of baseball games? The delicious treats are mentioned in the lyrics of the famous ballpark song, Take Me Out to the Ballgame. Ever since that song was released in 1908, ballparks around the country have been selling boxes of Cracker Jack, giving the tasty popcorn snack its official status. Make your retro baseball party official by serving boxes of these to your guests. Arrange the boxes in a basket to keep them organized and neat for guests.

Retro Baseball Party

When you think of summer, things like baseball, barbecue, and fun times with family and friends often come to mind. What better way to celebrate a young boy’s birthday then to grill up some burgers and hot dogs and let him and his friends practice their batting swings on a baseball piñata? Make the birthday boy and his guests feel as though they are at the ballpark by serving peanuts, cotton candy and Cracker Jack for a fun-filled birthday that your little leaguer will not soon forget.

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