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  • If your Fourth of July party will be outside, make a cupcake American Flag out of these red, white and blue cupcakes boxes from Oriental Trading Company. These cute boxes can be enjoyed by guests at your party or handed out as favors at the end of the party. What is nice is that the boxes keep the cupcakes fresh and bug-free.

  • Put out some of these blue and red star bubbles from Oriental Trading Company, and let the kids compete to see who can blow the biggest bubble. These bubbles are small and coordinate with the star spangled theme and have a rope necklace that the kids can wear around their necks so they won't drop and spill.

  • One of the easiest ways to decorate for Independence Day is to strategically place some of these small flags into your window boxes, planters or even glasses and vases filled with sand behind your dessert table for added detail. You can find these flags almost anywhere, however, the best value offered in my area is at Pat Catans Craft Store.

  • To make as pictured above, use the 24 muffin pan, such as the one listed above from Target. From this recipe, you can get 48 total mini cheesecakes. Spoon alternating blueberry and cherry pie filling on top of the cheesecakes after they've cooled in the refrigerator for two hours.

  • Take these sparkly red, white and blue pom pom sprays and stick them into a vase filled with sand from Home Depot. You can use these as centerpieces on your seating tables, drink table or dessert table to add the perfect touch to your themed decor and they will glisten in the sun throughout the day.

  • The American Flag is the perfect dessert table backdrop for this patriotic holiday party. Pick up some nylon star spangled banners and adhere them to your windows or siding using some non-damaging Stay Putty. Decorate your table in red, white and blue and stars and stripes, find coordinating decor items and make some tasty patriotic treats for your guests, but most of all, enjoy the day with family and friends and celebrate this great country.

  • Set your dinner tables with these bright vibrant red cloth napkins folded and wrapped in this blue denim star ribbon from Joann Fabrics. For an outside affair, use these stylish square white, heavy-duty plastic dinner plates from Party City. They are very durable yet look very elegant on a table. Instead of placing the silverware in a traditional manner, place them in a vase in the center of the table so that when guests sit down they can grab a set.

  • To add some sparkle, order a few packs of these red, white, and blue sequin headbands from Oriental Trading Company and use them to wrap around your silverware vases on the seating and dessert table. Order extra and pass them out to the little girls in attendance to use as festive accessories, adding a patriotic touch to their red, white and blue outfits. Fill your lollipop vase with white sugar and then stick these swirly pops into the crystals, standing them up so the kids at the party can grab one. To add some extra detail, tie a star ribbon into a bow right under the sugary lollipop and then wrap your dessert table silverware with these red, white and blue napkins and tie them with this coordinating star ribbon.

  • These are super easy to make and will for sure be the hit of the party for the little ones. To make these, follow the instructions on the Jell-O box using two different flavors. Each box makes 15 mini cups of Jell-O. Place on a baking sheet and put in refrigerator overnight. Before guests arrive pipe Cool Whip on top of the Jell-O for garnish and presentation.

  • To make as pictured, use Melissa's Baby Red potatoes (boil whole and then cut in half, then into quarters when cooled) and add some chopped green onions on top before serving. This salad is even better the day after so make ahead and save yourself some time the day of your party.

  • Toast to our country's independence with your adult guests by serving a light refreshing Prosecco or sparkling white wine, perfect for a hot day. Garnish with strawberries and blueberries to tie into your red, white and blue color palette. Place each glass on top of red and blue cocktail napkins. Then sprinkle some of this festive star confetti down the middle of the table for that extra pop of color and shine.

  • Each box had inside a Classic White Cupcake from Duncan Hines. Pipe on vanilla icing and sprinkle on red, white and blue sugar sprinkles from Wilton. Guests can take one home with them as a party favor or enjoy during fireworks.

  • Your adorable little girl guests might come decked out in their red, white and blue outfits but will rejoice in adding even more sparkle by donning these festive sequin headbands and bubble necklaces. It is important to have things to occupy the younger guests at your party. Oriental Trading Company has some great toys for kids as well as things that they can wear for the celebration.

Star Spangled Banner

Each year on the Fourth of July, Americans celebrate their freedom and independence by gathering friends and families and sharing in the delight of flags, fireworks and delicious barbecue. Host your own Independence Day celebration with patriotic decor in red, white and blue and dress up your backyard for an outdoor party your friends and family will never forget. – See more at:

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