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  • This adorable banner was found on Etsy. This designer has banners for all occasions, and this specific one was perfect for the Valentine's Day party color palette.

  • The best part of any Valentine's Day party is the dessert table, so be sure and decorate it in all different shades of pink with some silver accents to represent some of the traditional colors of the holiday. This fabric with silver hearts over a light pink background, perfect for Valentine's Day, was found at Joann Fabric.

  • These adorable cookies were displayed on a platter from Amazon, the Badash Moonglow serving platter. This uniquely shaped serving platter has non-tarnishing, polished chrome legs that elevate whatever you are serving for an elegant and modern presentation.

  • Let your guests fill them with silver and light pink candy to match the color palette. Toss in some silver and pink foil-covered chocolate hearts at the top for an extra surprise, and then tie around some pretty pink contrasting ribbons to coordinate with your theme.

  • To add color and fill in the empty space in vases and at the base of a large bowl, use shimmery pink and silver tulle cut into long strips and then scrunched together.

  • These festive chocolate-covered pretzel rods are super easy to make. Use white chocolate from Lindt, which is known for its premium chocolates of distinct smoothness. To make, break the white chocolate bar into pieces and melt it in the microwave and then dip each pretzel rod into the melted chocolate and cover them with these adorable sprinkles from Michaels.

  • These gorgeous flowers, light pink roses, dark pink roses, and white hydrangeas, were purchased from Costco.

  • If you have a hard time finding napkin rings that capture the look and mood you're trying to create, look for beads, pendants and other sparkly items to make them yourself.

  • The centerpiece for this dining table is very simple, yet elegant and modern. These silver vases, found at Michaels, are a great staple piece. This classic pillar candle holder from Target was topped them with these pearlescent light pink candles from Yummi Candles.

  • These stunning roses were placed on a console table behind the sofa, creating a pretty setting for guests to enjoy cocktails and appetizers while relaxing. Look for vases with unusual shapes, such as this one from World Market, with its fluted top.

  • These dark pink heart charms were found in the kid's craft section at Joann Fabrics. Sometimes you'll want to make sets of wine charms that look different to help tell glasses apart, however, when you want to coordinate, use chalk pens that make it easy to write each guest's initials or name on each glass.

  • This look was created by using a basic white plate and bowl, placing a dark pink paper napkin under the bowl for some contrast and to avoid drips from the soup onto the dinner plate. These silver napkins from added the perfect sheen to the pink table and provided a great contrast for the sparkly napkin rings.

  • Cooking Light recipes are perfect for entertaining because nowadays everyone is trying to cut back on calories. This tomato basil soup recipe is so amazingly tasty, you don't even miss the heavy cream traditionally associated with a bisque-type soup.

  • Good cookware is an absolute must if you enjoy cooking. I have a mix of non-stick and stainless pots and pans and use them for different tasks. This recipe works really well with a stainless pan because you want to achieve good carmelization on the bottom of the pan prior to deglazing with the chicken stock.

  • Use a small, heart-shaped cookie cutter to make the perfect festive topper for water crackers, then arrange them in a heart shape. Put out a side of hot pepper jelly and a cheese spreader so guests can spice up the sharp cheddar cheese appetizer.

  • Setting up appetizers on a wine-barrel Lazy Susan placed on a cocktail table makes it easy for guests to relax while enjoying some snacks and wine to begin the evening. Top your appetizer plates with a napkin and a chocolate heart for some extra detail.

  • Cake plates can be extremely versatile; perfect for cake and cupcakes but try using them to elevate other food items, such as shrimp cocktail and yogurt parfaits. If you add a cloche, you can serve pastry items, such as croissants and scones, for a brunch.

  • This Valentine's Day dinner table featured a white tablecloth under a custom-made, square, animal print heart overlay. The basic white dishes really pop on the light pink and silver fabric from Joann Fabrics.

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is traditionally a day to celebrate with your significant other, but why not gather a group of your best girlfriends to celebrate the holiday, even if it’s a few days before February 14th? What a perfect opportunity to leave the kids and husbands at home and enjoy a “girls night” with your friends eating, drinking and catching up on everyone’s busy lives. Create a delicious meal and decadent desserts, and then have everyone bring a bottle of their favorite wine to share. What a fun way to celebrate enduring friendship.

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