Black and White Easter

Though the Easter holiday often brings to mind an array of soft pastels and dyed eggs and cute little bunnies in a rainbow of soft colors, this year I decided to create a more modern, sophisticated backdrop for this year’s holiday celebration with a classic black-and-white color combination.

To acknowledge the eagerly awaited warm springtime weather, I accented my decor with lovely light pink flowers and hints of shimmery gold. Using an variety of patterns and textures, I tied together the table through a similar color palette, creating a modern monotone look that delivers a sophisticated alternative to the traditional “pastel” palette.

black and white easter

The inspiration for this lovely dinner came from these patterned candle holders from Michaels. From there I built my table around these glass holders using chevron silk squares as my napkins and black and white dinner plates.


For the main centerpiece, a footed glass bowl was filled with water and then assorted garden roses and peonies in shades of blush were floated on top. Flanked on either side were two crystal candelabras fitted with shimmery gold candles. Being a huge fan of vintage-inspired taper candles, I pre-lit them before my guests arrived to give them a quaint, retro-style appearance.


peony centerpiece


I created my own customized place cards out of some gold damask paper. First I cut the paper into strips, folded them vertically and adorned them with some mini black roses from Michaels. Instead of full names, I just used my guests’ initials in these gold-lined scrapbook sticker letters. Placing a place card on each guest’s wine glass is a unique way to assign seating.


easter placecards


For the flatware, I used some silky black and pink ribbon to tie together my fork and knife with a simple knot and let the extra fabric drape over the black and white square plate. Make sure to tie it loosely so that guests do not have a hard time accessing their utensils.

Black and White Place Setting

For the napkins I chose to go with a fun bold chevron print with these silk scarves I found in the budget aisle at Michaels. To add some sparkle to each place setting, I made some black and clear beaded rings and tripled them up to create a nice chunky-looking napkin ring. Holding the napkin in the middle, I gently pushed on the beaded rings and placed to the right of each plate.

black and white napkins

For the bread plate, these fabulous patterned candle holders from Michaels (my inspiration for the table setting) were placed to the left of the dinner plate and served double duty as my favor holder as well. I packed some chocolate silver and pink foil eggs in these elegant black damask organza pouches for all my guests to take with them, my little spin on a grown-up Easter basket.

easter bread plates

Although I wanted to do something unique for Easter and avoid traditional decor, I included traditional elements of the holiday through small details on the table. I chose to use white chocolate bunnies and tied some soft thin pink ribbon bows around their necks. Using Springtime flowers, such as these gorgeous pink Parrot tulips, also definitely provide the holiday look and feel.

easter bunny

I arranged light pink hyacinth in these large gold candle holders from Hobby Lobby. The aroma of these flowers paired with their soft pale color absolutely define spring by bringing some outdoor beauty to the Easter dinner table.

gold vase

These lovely white garden roses were placed in these small black mercury glass candle votives from Hobby Lobby down the center of the table. Their lovely look paired perfectly with the black-and-white color palette and their delicate appearance was a great addition to the other springtime flowers.

black vase

I flanked the bowl of floating flowers with these gorgeous crystal candelabras from Godinger. I placed gold pre-lit tapers in four of the arms and placed a single white rose in the center arm for a nice elegant feel. Leave a little stem on the rose and then fill the candle hole with some water for an instant bud vase.

clear candleabra

For the main course, I served this beautiful pork tenderloin with an apricot glaze. The base recipe comes from and it is the perfect entree choice for your Easter guests. I served on a platter with some dried apricots for a nice bright presentation. If you are having a party of 6-8 people, I would make two of these. Click here for recipe

apricot pork tenderloin

This shredded Brussels sprout salad is packed full of flavorful ingredients including red onion, dried cherries, walnuts, bacon and gorgonzola cheese. Topped with a balsamic vinaigrette, this easy make-ahead side is super delicious. Click here for recipe

Shredded Brussels

I paired the pork tenderloin with this cheesy Classic Potato Gratin. Made with Swiss Gruyère cheese, these creamy potatoes will melt in your mouth. This is a great base recipe to have as you can change it up by using different cheeses. Click here for recipe

scalloped potatoes

For dessert, I gave my guests two choices: classic carrot cake or an adult-style dirt made with Godiva liquor. Using cake plates to elevate the sweets, I also topped them with black damask doilies from Michaels for a beautiful presentation. I then placed my pre-made cocktail in the middle, making it easy to serve my guests before dinner.

Easter buffet

For an nice creamy dessert, I decided to make an adult spin on the classic “dirt” recipe to symbolize the coming of spring. Adding Godiva liquor really took the flavor up a notch, making it the perfect decadent treat for my adult guests. I served it in these tall shot glasses and topped then with pink robin eggs. Click here for recipe

Adult Dirt

Carrot cake is always a traditional dessert served on Easter as it represents the coming of Spring and fresh vegetable gardens. Not to mention that the carrot is a long-time symbol of the holiday. I served cupcakes with frosting spread on old-school style. The secret to success for these cupcakes is to make them the day before and let them sit overnight to moisten and serve them cold. Click here for recipe

carrot cupcakes

Using small cocktail glasses, I placed a sprig of cilantro in each one along with a black-and-white decorative straw that I cut to fit the size of the glass. Then I topped the straw with some beaded party picks for some extra bling.

Small Cocktail Glasses

For my specialty cocktail I served Grapefruit Gin and Tonics for a nice light and refreshing spring taste. The light pink hue coordinated perfectly with my variety of pale pink flowers. I made these ahead of time, leaving out only the tonic until right before serving.  Click here for recipe

grapefruit gin and tonic

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