Continental Easter Breakfast

Will you be hosting guests from out of town this Easter? Try setting up a fabulous continental breakfast with pastries, smoothies and bright flowers to get everyone in the mood for Spring.

The inspiration for this post came from a recent trip to LA. We dined at The Ivy and were blown away by their bright rose centerpieces. So we decided to create some our of our own and incorporate it into this simple but modern celebration.


We used these rustic wine holders as the backdrop to our breakfast table. Sporadically, we placed some single roses to soften up the look and add some pop of color. We set a small table and flanked it with assorted pastel roses in a variety of glass containers including some dainty white ceramic pitchers from Michaels Craft Store.


Although it is common at a hotel to have quite a few choices, we decided to stick with a few of our favorites to make it simple and delicious. To make this easy entertaining, we included pre-made cheese danish, a bake it yourself croissant, and an Orange-Banana Smoothie made in our Vitamix.


These smoothies are light and refreshing and will sure to be the perfect rise and shine treat for your guests. We served them in tall shot glasses giving just the right amount of sweetness . Click here for the recipe.


The only trick to these perfect croissants is that you need to remember to take them out the night before. Trader Joe’s has a nice selection of assorted croissants. We went with the mini ones and served them with some orange marmalade with champagne.


Cheese danish are a classic pasrty typically seen on a Continental style breakfast especially in Europe. We picked up some from Costco and cut them into wedges. Instead of placing them on a boring platter, we arranged them on top of these mini martini glasses turned upside down. You could also place some rosebuds under the glass to add extra color to your table.


We love the look of pairing different style vases together with similar floral choices. Having clusters of flowers at different heights adds dimension to food tables. We did tie it all together by using the same floral in each container.


We removed all the guard leaves from the roses and let them sit in water overnight so they would open up a little before placing them into these holes. To keep them alive make sure to tie a wet paper towel around the stem in the back.


Remove all of the guard petals and any leaves off the stems first. Then cut them down to where you need them to be. One at a time arrange them until the vases are full.


We always arrange the biggest plate in the middle and then add the other items from there. For this spread, the croissants and marmalade were our main feature.

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