Halloween Happy Hour

Trick or Treat? That was the theme of this year’s Halloween Happy Hour. And we decided to go with nothing but treats.

This not-so-spooky party would be easy to replicate using traditional holiday décor like skulls and witch hats and simple fall time recipes like candy corn brownies and a super delicious apple martini. Check out all the details below and this year while handing out candy, set up a festive happy hour and celebrate while you wait.


Set up a bar cart or console table for your party area that will serve the food and specialty beverage. Having a table with a second layer is handy to store extra glasses and drink ingredients. We chose to serve three simple food items and a cocktail that fit perfectly on this table.


This black and gold burlap Trick or Treat Banner from Pottery Barn really set the stage for this Halloween Happy Hour. Looks like this banner has already sold out however, you can pick up an orange burlap banner from Pottery Barn Kids that would also make a great anchor for your party cart.

trick or treat banner

How about a scarf that can double as a table runner? That is just what we used to cover our cart down the middle was this black and white skull scarf that we picked up from Pat Catan’s for only $2.50. And the best news is that it can still be used after the party is over. A skull scarf is a classic way to bring a little edge to not only your party décor but your wardrobe as well.

skull scarf

We centered the back of our party cart with this Tombstone Cheese Board from Crate & Barrel. Instead of using it as a serving plate we used it as a décor piece to make the table resemble a graveyard. This is a piece that you could use all year round for serving a nice selection of cheeses to presenting a dinner menu at your next party.


For each food item we used these silver Skull & Crossbone Place Card Holders from Pottery Barn to display each recipe in a Halloween orange font. These modern holders come in a set of 4 and you could easily slide in menus or name cards making them a versatile table top item.

skull food tag holders

We tucked in these Cheddar Chive Scones from Martha Stewart into these adorable votive holders from Crate & Barrel. The votives come in three different styles including a mummy, vampire, and a pumpkin.

halloween votives

For the cocktail, we used martini glasses and topped them with these festive orange and black burlap witch hats from Pat Catan’s. For about $.50 each they added a special touch to each glass. Note: Adding details doesn’t have to be expensive, look for little items like this to use to help tie together a desired look.


Instead of serving finger foods we went with small servings of this Black Bean and Pumpkin Soup from A Food Centric Life. This nice hearty but not to heavy soup is the perfect choice for a cool fall evening. Note: If you are a meat lover, we started this soup by cooking five chopped slices of Applewood Smoked bacon and used the grease to replace the olive oil used to cook down the onions and garlic for extra added flavor. Also, instead of using large soup bowls, try using these modern ramekins from Sur la Table to serve smaller yet appropriate portions.

black bean soup

If you like a smoky flavor try adding a good smoked cheddar like Tillamook and a smoked paprika to these Cheddar Chive Scones from Martha Stewart. These are like heaven paired with this warm soup. Dip them, dunk them, or eat them on their own. You will definitely will want to have at least two per guest as these will fly off the table.

cheddar chive scones

We are big fans of simple, no-hassle desserts and it doesn’t get much easier than these Candy Corn Brownies. All we did was use a box of Betty Crocker Fudge Brownies (make as directed on box) and added some chopped candy corn into the batter. After they cooled, we spread on some Betty Crocker Chocolate Icing and topped them with candy corn pumpkins. Boom, instant Halloween brownies!


What is a happy hour without a rockin cocktail? We searched to find the perfect apple martini that was not too sweet or filled with artificial flavors and colored liquors. The Real Deal Apple Martini from G-Free Foodie is the perfect mix of sweet and spicy made with real apple juice (Simply Apple) and spiced rum. Note: For a party, make 3-4 batches of the cinnamon simple syrup day or two ahead of time and store it in a squeeze bottle in the refrigerator with the cinnamon stick in the bottle. This will make it easy to measure out when making the cocktails for a crowd.


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