Jewel Toned New Years Eve

New Year’s Eve conjures up images of sparkle and glitz, making it the perfect night to bring out the decorating bling and incorporate a palette of metallic colors, such as gold and silver.  The shine and glitter of the metallic colors are perfect to pair with bright jewel tone colors. This party was styled by Be Envied Contributor Anne Smith. Take it from here, Anne.

Every year my neighborhood throws a progressive-style New Year’s Eve. The evening typically culminates with all the party goers at my house. I usually decorate in gold and silver and serve up some munchies, desserts, and, of course, champagne to toast in the coming year. This year I decided to carry over my jewel-toned Christmas decor and serve up some colorful food to coordinate with the theme. Here is how I did it…


I found these beautiful jewel-toned votives with a gold motif from World Market to set the stage and use as my inspiration for my New Year’s Eve soiree.

snowflake coaster

I placed them on top of these jewel-toned sparkly snowflakes from Michaels and sporadically placed them throughout the party area. This created a nice glow as my guests helped themselves to the delicious party spread.


For the perfect party backdrop, I hung these oversized ornaments (Pat Catans) from the underneath of my bar cabinets using 3M Command hooks.


I used this bulb-style ornament as the anchor and then in a symmetrical pattern hung other ornaments that spanned across the entire back counter.

cheers banner

This {DIY banner} was super easy to make. Draw a small pennant-style flag to use as a stencil. I chose a gold metallic paper and then used alphabet stencils to spell out Cheers in jewel-toned glitter paper. I connected the flags using a gold sheer ribbon that I strung through holes that I punched into the top of the flags and added some detail with purple and gold jingle bells. All supplies for this banner came from Pat Catans.

cheers banner 2

I hung the banner on the front of my island below where all of the food and cocktails for the party were displayed. I simply used more 3M Command hooks to secure the banner to the granite counter top.

whitevaseswith berries

I threw some ornaments and other jewel-toned berries from Pat Catans in white ceramic bud vases and placed them in clusters around the room. This tied together the jewel-toned theme and really added some great pop of color throughout the party area.


Clear glass hurricanes are the perfect accent pieces when using ornaments to decorate a room. The Christmas balls pile up nicely inside the glass, and you are able to see the different shades of color and sparkle.

pizza 1

I made some delicious buffet-style food, including grilled goat cheese flatbread with sage infused sausage and bowtie pasta salad. These are great options as guests can snack on them throughout the evening. You can make a few different kinds of flatbread, allowing your guests to have a choice. Best to make some with meat and some with just veggies.

pizza 2

I placed them on a simple white platter to show off their beautiful colors and then drizzled some balsamic glaze on top for extra flavor and an exquisite presentation.


I piled the bowtie pasta salad in this gorgeous footed bowl from Pier 1. It always displays salads and sides so nicely. This bowl would be a great option for a hostess gift or for a present to someone who loves to entertain.

ruby trifle 3

For these festive food tags, I used some clip-on style chalkboards and decorated them with deep pink garland from Pat Catans. Using Stay Putty, I secured the garland to the back corners of the chalkboards. Using a white chalk pen, I wrote all of the names of the food options so that guests were able to see all of their fabulous choices.

runy trifle 1

For the dessert options, I made Ruby Trifles and topped each with bright ruby red pomegranates. I served them in individual-sized shot glasses for the perfect sweet ending.

ruby trifle 2

I named them the Ruby Trifle to coordinate with the jewel-toned theme. Using the bright red pomegranates really added to the festive holiday theme not to mention the deliciousness of the dessert when paired with the lemon curd.


I made white chocolate-dipped pretzel rods using Ghirardelli White Chocolate melts. Then I used jewel-toned food coloring to dye some of the white chocolate and then drizzled onto the pretzel. Note: Use a plastic squeeze bottle to mix the white chocolate and food coloring. This will make it easy to drizzle over by gently squeezing and moving back and forth over the pretzel rod.

pom martini1

And finally to the most important part of the fun adult evening: the cocktails. I served a two specialty cocktails, including a Cranberry Pomegranate Martini and sparkling Prosecco with Cranberries and Fresh Rosemary.

pom martini 2

These beautiful ruby red martinis were the perfect cocktail to serve before the ball drop. I had them pre-mixed in an oversized shaker so all I had to do was add ice, shake and pour. I garnished each one with a lime curl and placed them on top of these jewel-toned snowflakes.

cranberry prosecco 2

And for the bubbly, I served a sweet Italian Prosecco from Cupcake Winery with some cranberries and fresh rosemary sprigs. The flavors blend nicely together and give the cocktail a clean refreshing taste.


I set up a bubbly station for guests to be able to refill their glass as they needed. I placed all of the glasses and the bottle of Prosecco on top of this beautiful mirror from Pier 1 that I used as a tray. I then clustered some jewel-toned ornaments in the corner of the tray to add to the festive decor.

Event Styling by Anne Smith, Be Envied Contributor. Special thanks to Anne for styling this wonderful jewel-toned New Year’s Eve bash.

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