Lace Doily Heart Garland

Looking for an easy DIY project to do with your little one? Or maybe just want to add a little love to your Valentine’s Day decor?

This simple step-by-step tutorial will show you how to create this whimsical heart garland using paper lace doily hearts, photo stickers and some natural twine. Not only is this a fun project but the cost is minimal as well.

Main pic

Step One

Gather all the materials and spread them out on a counter top or table. We bought the heart doilies from Dollar Tree and the twine and photo stickers from Michaels.

step 1

Step Two

Lay all of the bottom hearts down on the counter or table facing up. Make sure to note on the heart that you will be placing on top where the natural holes are from the lace pattern so that you place stickers accordingly to assure that they don’t show through.

step 2

Step Three

Take the small photo sticker squares and place them sporadically around the center of the bottom heart. If for some reason you do place in a spot that it is peeping through, don’t worry; they can be lifted easily and moved to the correct spot.

Step 3

Step Four

Press the smaller heart on top of the bottom, bigger heart onto the stickers to secure while centering the top heart and then add stickers where needed to secure edges.

Step 4

Step Five

Repeat step three and four if adding another layer. We made several different sizes to add some dimension to the garland.

step 5

Step Six

String the hearts onto the twine using the natural holes already in the pattern of the lace-style doily. Gently move them across the string until the first and last one one is about 12-24 inches from the end of the string, though this will depend upon where you plan to hang it

step 6

Step Seven

Hang your beautiful garland. Adjust the hearts once it is hanging to make sure they are centered. Cut off the excess string at the ends.

step 6cont2

You can hang this on a mirror, wall, over a table or entryway. We hung the one shown below on the front of the dessert table for a Valentine’s Day party. The possibilities are endless for this easy DIY project. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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