Parties and Inspiration -- Kids and Teens

Retro Baseball Party

When you think of summer, things like baseball, barbecue, and fun times with family and friends often come to mind. What better way to celebrate a young boy’s birthday then to grill up some burgers and hot dogs and let him and his friends practice their batting swings on a baseball piñata? Make the birthday boy and his guests feel as though they are at the ballpark by serving peanuts, cotton candy and Cracker Jack for a fun-filled birthday that your little leaguer will not soon forget.

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Kids Firefighter Party

Everyone little boy at some point in their lives dreams of growing up and becoming a firefighter. Turn a little tyke’s dream true by hosting a Fireman theme birthday party by converting your backyard into a fire station. There are so many great things you can do with this theme, from food to decor, that will entertain the children and adults alike.

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Glamorous Barbie Party

The infamous Barbie doll has been delighting and inspiring the imagination of little girls since it was introduced by Mattel in 1959. For the little girl in your life who adores these pint-size dolls, a Barbie themed birthday party can provide her and her friends with a memorable way to mark her special day. Invite her friends for a sit-down lunch complete with place cards, pink zebra print, sparkly poms, and of course, a Barbie theme. To make her wish come true, use plenty of pinks, purples and pink zebra patterns to transform the party room and turn it into a Barbie

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