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Little Italy

Italy is an amazing country steeped in history that provides visitors with breathtaking scenery, unbelievably great food, friendly locals and a strong, rich culture. Bring all of these home to the delight of your friends by hosting an Italian themed party, inspired by the sun-drenched hills of Tuscany. Set the mood, create some delicious regional cuisine and pour plenty of vino to transport your guests to this beautiful country.

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Napa Valley Wine Tasting

The next best thing to visiting the beautiful Napa Valley region of California is to bring the best of what that area has to offer to your home. Host a Napa Valley wine tasting party and treat your guests to a variety of wine, delicious meats and cheeses. Set the stage with some wine boxes, champagne buckets, and decanters to bring in the feel of a wine cellar tasting in the heart of Napa Valley. Hire a professional from your local wine store to come in a give a presentation and background on all of the wines you are tasting

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