Patron Ice Cream Sundae

We have all been there; entertaining a group of eight of your closest friends, perhaps a wine group or neighbors who you are just dying to impress with your culinary and entertaining skills. Then disaster strikes. Your show-stopper dessert doesn’t turn out or perhaps you forgot to buy a vital ingredient. So what can you serve now?

My husband and I recently sat down with some new friends and shared some of our best and worst entertaining stories.  One of these “worst” stories shared by our friends Jan and Steve resulted in the inspiration behind one of our new favorite desserts and a consistent crowd pleaser. Today I am going to share the recipe for this incredibly easy dessert that you can whip out on the fly.


The first ingredient is an item I always keep in my freezer all year round. Edy’s is known for their deliciously creamy and low-fat, slow-churned ice cream flavors. I am personally a fan of the simplest of  flavors and tend to stick with the Vanilla Bean, which pairs perfectly with coffee-flavored liquor. Start off with some oversized martini glasses and scoop up two to three big spoonfuls of this frozen delight.


If you are a coffee lover and have not tried this variety of Patrón, get ready to be blown away by how incredibly rich and smooth (although what Patrón is not smooth?) taste of this hybrid tequila-liqueur. Grab a bottle and keep it in your liquor pantry to have on hand for this easy dessert or just for an after-dinner digestif. Pour one ounce over the ice cream scoops.


Your third and final ingredient is a sundae topper staple: maraschino cherries. These are good to keep on hand anyway as they are great in cocktails, such as one of my ultra favorites, The Manhattan. They will also last in your fridge forever, making it easy to keep them stocked. Even though these remind me of being a kid, I still think they are the perfect topper to this adult-only sundae.


You are going to just love how the ice cream melts into the coffee liquor, creating this soupy-like sweetness. Best of all there is no baking, time lost, huge mess, or worries about your final course. Just sit back and relax and let your guests enjoy and rave about your super easy dessert. Chances are they too will be whipping this out for their next party too!

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